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There are many common FAX problems encountered in the workplace daily associated with receiving faxes in the traditional way, including ways to reduce the dependence on paper, retiring the old fax machine, effectively unifying fax with email as well integrating with other popular applications and distributing information quickly and easily. The FaxFX faxtoemail solution can turn these common fax ‘headaches’ into costeffective, easytouse, business communications.

Is Fax Dead? No! – The Evolution of Faxing

More people think Elvis is still alive than believe that fax is a growth market! And the same people that predicted paperless offices probably think that faxing is disappearing. In the 2005/2006 financial year, Telkom reported an increase of 3% in fax traffic to a staggering 250 million fax minutes per month.

Maybe traditional faxing is going the way of the dodo bird but internet based faxtoemail solutions are fast becoming the worlds preferred method of fax transmission.

What we see at FaxFX – and hear from you, is a real shift in the market:

  • Old fashioned, shared fax machines are replaced with personal faxtoemail accounts
  • Expensive, dedicated fax lines are eliminated
  • FaxFX lets you do more with a fax – store it, forward it, get it off the web
  • FAX is everywhere
  • You cannot run a business without it
  • Email has not replaced fax

The FaxFX FaxtoEmail solution provides users with the capability to receive faxes as easily as they would normally receive email with an attachment.

The Process

The sender sends a fax from a conventional fax machine to a unique premium rated 0866 number connected to our servers which in turn is linked to the recipients email address. This enables the recipient to receive any fax, any time, anywhere on a laptop or pc FREE.

Receiving Features / Savings

  • FREE receiving of faxes
  • No Hardware or software needed
  • No Lost faxes
  • No Toner or Paper
  • No limits on volume
  • No Engaged Fax lines
  • Faxes machine never jammed
  • Enhanced Confidentiality
  • Easy forwarding
  • Faxes delivered into your email inbox
  • Secure receiving
  • Save approximately R 2.50 per fax received
  • No fax machine rental/purchase
  • No labour on administration of documents
  • Faxes are stored for up to 5 years
  • Unlimited volumes on receiving

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